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Isostar Insulation

Starbeads Isolatiemortel

STARBEADS insulating mortar with lambda values from 0.041 W/mK.

Starbeads is an insulating mortar EPS beads, (new beads) cement and ISOSTAY admixture to create super insulating mortars that are placed by approved processors. All our types of Starbeads are recognized products. The mortars have been tested in recognized laboratories such as WTCB, KIWA, University of Louvain, etc…

The types are STARBEADS 150, 200, 250 and low lambda 40. These types range from very high compressive strengths to very good lambda values.
(unique in the world).

Starbeads are special EPS beads that have been treated to improve their processing and thus guarantee constant values. This is only possible in this way with new pearls and without recovery material. Our EPS beads are also CFC and HBCD free.

The ISOSTAY additive has been specially developed by Isostar to improve lambda values ​​and achieve higher compressive strengths.

STARBEADS, ISOSTAY and CRYSTAL are registered products
in terms of product names and compositions.

    Starbeads Isolatiemortel